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Dunkin Donuts, one of the world’s most loved coffee & donut stores is hosting a customer satisfaction survey! Simple fill out the official TellDunkin feedback form and you’ll be rewarded with some free donuts.

TellDunkin Survey Details

End DateDecember 31, 2025
PrizeFree Donut
Prize Value$3


Officially, the only rule is that you need to be a previous customer of Dunkin Donuts in order to qualify for your free donut. But! There is a loophole 😛 I’ll get to that in the instructions (below) so keep reading!

If you do have a survey code on your receipt, make sure to head online and take the survey within 3 days otherwise it may become invalid.

Instructions for TellDunkin

If you do have a receipt from your recent visit to Dunkin Donuts and want to take the Tell Dunkin Donuts Guest Survey, you can use either one of the following numbers on it:

  • The six (6) digit store number printed near the top of the receipt, or
  • The eighteen (18) digit survey code printed at the bottom of the receipt

Here’s where you may find it on yours:

Location Of Survey Code On Dunkin Donuts Receipt For Telldunkin Survey
Location Of Survey Code On Dunkin Donuts Receipt For TellDunkin Survey
Location Of Store Number On Dunkin Donuts Receipt For Telldunkin Survey
Location Of Store Number On Dunkin Donuts Receipt For TellDunkin Survey

Now that you have all the information ready, following these instructions:

  1. Visit the official website hosting the survey (link below)
  2. Choose whether you want to enter in your eighteen (18) digit survey code or the six (6) digit store number from your receipt
  3. If you don’t have a receipt but still want to get a free donut, just choose to enter the store number, enter in this store number – 347328 – then say you visited in the past 2 days and during normal business hours (it should accept you and invited you to take the TellDunkin survey)
  4. Once you’re in, answer all the questions Dunkin Donuts customer satisfaction team has for you
  5. At the end of the survey, you’ll be given an option to choose how you want to receive your free donut coupon. I chose to print it (I can just show it on my phone)
  6. That’s it! You’ve just completed the TellDunkin survey and can now enjoy some of their sugary sweetness for FREE on your next visit.

Here’s what a printable TellDunkin coupon may look like:

Printable Telldunkin Survey Coupon For Free Donut
Printable TellDunkin Survey Coupon For Free Donut

Here are a few questions Dunkin Donuts may ask you during the survey:

  • Did you experience any problems during your visit?
  • How satisfied were you with the variety of coffee and donut menu items?
  • Was the restaurant facility on good repair?
  • Was your beverage marked with the appropriate items?
  • How accurate was the order your received?
  • Did you feel appreciated by the crew?
  • What was your overall satisfaction with your experience at Dunkin’ Donuts?
  • How likely is it that you’ll recommend this particular Dunkin’ Donuts to family and friends?

I actually took the survey myself recently as well, here is a few screenshots of what it looks like:

Location Of Survey Information For Telldunkin
Location Of Survey Information For Telldunkin
Did You Experience Any Problems On Telldunkin
Did You Experience Any Problems On Telldunkin
How Likely Is It That You'll Recommend This Dunkin Donuts Store
How Likely Is It That You’ll Recommend This Dunkin Donuts Store

About Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts is one of my favorite places to grab a coffee and a sweet treat on those days that I just don’t have time or don’t really want to eat a healthy meal. And, I never have to look too far to find one. With 11,000 locations worldwide, over 9,000 of which are in the US, there’s one at almost every corner. Yum.


The company was founded back in 1948 by William Rosenberg. It was originally called Open Kettle but he changed it to Dunking Donuts shortly after in 1950 (pretty smart move in the end!). The first store was in Quincy, MA and they specialized in selling solely donuts and coffee after Rosenberg saw that these were the most popular items he was selling when he would visit factories and construction sites.

First Dunkin Donuts Store In Quincy, Ma
First Dunkin Donuts Store In Quincy, Ma

In 1955 he started franchising his idea which became a huge success. By 1963 his son took over the business and saw their 100th location opened. Some stores sold a wider menu, including full breakfasts whereas others just stuck to the donuts and coffee idea. I think some people were leaving some good feedback for their breakfast items on the Dunkin survey! 😛

In 1990 the company was purchased by Allied Lyons who own Baskin Robbins and 8 years later they had an incredible 2,500 locations worldwide.

2016 saw a few experiments with a new idea for their stores…curbside pickup. It was basically a drive thru without the driving through. Available to those who were part of their rewards program, DD Perks, customers were able to place their order through the app and then pull up to a designated park spot at the store and have their order brought out to them. I wonder if this was because lots of you guys told Dunkin’ Donuts you wanted this on their TellDunkin survey!

In 2018 they started a ‘new concept’ idea. Focusing more on drinks and take-out options. Drinks actually make up 60% of their revenue, so they’re a bigger deal than the donuts. They’ve also tried to drop the ‘Donuts’ part out of their name (which has definitely received quite a lot of negative feedback from people around the world).

Fun Facts

A love of donuts, or competitiveness definitely runs in the family…Rosenberg’s brother in law also decided to set up a pretty famous donut shop, Mister Donut. It’s basically a goner now in the states (there’s only one store left), but still does well in Japan. I bet that sure made some interesting family get togethers.

Mister Donut, One Of Dunkin Donuts Former Competitors
Mister Donut, One Of Dunkin Donuts Former Competitors

Ever wondered how many ways a person can take their coffee… 5, maybe 10? How about 15,000! Yes, that’s right… there’s 15,000 ways to customize your coffee at Dunkin’. They’ve got a whole host of syrups, sweeteners, shots and milk options to choose from. For those of you who are indecisive, your order could take a while…

One couple got married at a store, they used to hit up the drive-thru a couple times per night and got really well acquainted with the staff, when they asked to have their wedding there, the owner of the store was all ears and even gifted them donuts, coffee, his & her mugs, oh, and a ticket for the Mega Millions! That couple better leave that Dunkin Donuts store some killer feedback on their Dunkin survey.


By 2020 they are looking to add another 1000 stores that are outside of the Northeastern US. They also want to focus on their Asian market, specifically adding 100 locations in Taiwan in the next 10 years.

As well, they want to focus on tech a lot more, encouraging customers to place mobile orders. Some stores will even be cutting back their menu, in favor of the traditional donuts and coffee idea. Drive thru’s are also set to increase.

Hopefully the increase in service speed will improve the overall customer satisfaction on Dunkin Donuts guest survey!

One thing I do hope though, is that they don’t receipt their mistake like the one they made in India!

Talk To Dunkin Customer Service

Want to share some feedback with Dunkin Donuts outside of the TellDunkin survey? Send them a message on one of their social media accounts:

Or, you can give their customer satisfaction team a call on 1-800-859-5339. Otherwise, see if your question has already been answered on their FAQs. Lastly, feel free to get in touch with one of their stores directly by using the store locator.

Their head office is located at:

130 Royall St, Canton
MA 02021, USA
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