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Tell BP your feedback at – www.talk2bp.com.au – and you could win a $1,000 Fuel Gift Card. What a great way to voice your opinion and share your experience with them.

Talk2BP Details

BP in Australia is doing something a little special this year – they’re giving away $10,000! Specifically, they’re giving away $1,000 in Gift Cards across 10 months, finishing up at the end of 2018. How can you enter and win a bunch of free fuel? Pretty easy! Take the official Talk2BP survey and you’ll be in the running 🙂

Here are the specific details:

Start DateJanuary 1, 2019
End DateJune 30, 2019
Entry MethodOnline
Entry LimitsUnlimited
PrizeOne (1) $1,000 BP Gift Card
Prize Approx. Retail Value$1,000
Total PrizesTen (1) $1,000 BP Gift Card
Total Prize Approx. Retail Value$10,000
Entry RequirementsMust make an eligible purchase to enter

BP Feedback Rules

Now, before you head down to BP and buy item after item, there are a few rules they’ve put in place for you to follow. If you don’t stay within them, they could give your prize to someone else!

Here’s what you need to follow:

  • You must be an Australian resident
  • You must be over the age of 18
  • You must not be affiliated with BP in any way
  • You must keep your original receipt in order to claim the prize

That last one’s important! So make sure, after you complete the survey and enter the giveaway, to put the receipt in a special place where it won’t accidentally get tossed in the bin.

Imagine this – you get a call from BP, you’re the winner! Congratulations 😀 You look for the receipt, you can’t find it. BP gives your $1,000 prize to someone else. Don’t let this happen to you!

Want to see the official official rules? Click here to download the PDF.

Feedback Instructions

Let’s get into it! Once you’ve made an eligible purchase, here’s what you’ll need from your receipt to enter:

  • The date you visited BP
  • The receipt number of your transaction
  • The survey code
  • What time you visited them (morning, afternoon, evening)

BP’s receipt may vary from store to store, but here’s what you may find the information on yours:

Informtion On Receipt To Take Bp's Survey
Information On Receipt To Take BP’s Survey

Got it all together? Fantastic! Here is a few steps you can follow to complete the survey:

  1. Head to the official survey website (below) and enter in the four (4) bits of information to get past the first screen
  2. If you’ve entered them correctly, you’ll be invited to take the survey. Otherwise, you might get an error that says ‘Sorry that is not a valid answer, please try again’
  3. Once they’ve accepted the numbers you entered, you can take the survey and answer all the questions BP has for you
  4. At the end of the feedback form, you’ll need to give some more personal details for you to be entered into the giveaway to win the gift card
  5. All done! If you do end up winning, they’ll give you a call and tell you in writing, so make sure to check your messages!

Here’s a screenshot of what the survey looks like:

About BP

BP, formerly The British Petroleum Company, is one of the world’s largest multi-national organisations. From its humble beginnings in 1908 when it was originally called the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, its operations now span over 70 countries, employing more than 70,000 worldwide. Altogether, their refineries pump out 3.6 million barrels of oil a day. A day! Absolutely crazy numbers.

Here’s a neat video summing up (quite effectively) how, and what, BP does:

They don’t only pump it out though, no, they sell it too. Across the globe, you’ll find the BP logo plastered across 18,300 service stations, with the majority of their locations in the United States. Locally, there are 1,400 BP branded service stations in Australia, making them one of the biggest fuel retailers in the country. So it’s pretty important they pay close attention to how the public feels about them before they lose their top positions. Which is why it’s fantastic they’re doing just that with this survey.

Bp's Oil Refinery In Kwinana
BP’s Oil Refinery In Kwinana

In Western Australia, BP’s oil refinery in Kwinana is Australia’s biggest, and supplies over 80% of the fuel for the state. In 2014, a shortage at the refinery saw many fuel stations run out of diesel. This caused quite a bit of panic, leading to many stocking up on as much diesel as the could, just in case worse came to worst. Thankfully, it was a brief shortage and all their customers were happy again in no time. Just imagine how much feedback they would’ve gotten it they had the survey back then as well!

With fossil fuels also declining in reserves rapidly, it’ll be very interesting to see how BP handle this change in the near future. Some believe electric cars will take over before the century’s out. What will this mean for BP and its fuel stations? I don’t know, but it’s going to be interesting to see who comes out on top. One thing’s for sure, if they consistently ask their customers for feedback as they’re doing here, they’ll be tough to beat.

What Do Other People Think?

Speak To Talk2BP Feedback Team

Want to send BP a message outside of their feedback form? Get in touch with them on social media:

Otherwise, you’re welcome to give them a call on their general helpline on 1300 130 027. If you’d like to get a written response, you send them an email on [email protected].

Their corporate office is located at:

Level 17/717 Bourke Street
Docklands VIC 3008

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