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Odeon Cinemas is the largest cinema chain in the UK by market share. For them to keep it that way, they’re seeking the help of their customers by requesting their feedback. Take the Odeon survey – TellOdeon – and you could win a Limitless Membership or 2 x Silver Odeon Tickets.

Another which relies on customer feedback to improve its services, is Pizza Hut. Even though many already love their pizzas, they’re always looking to make them better. Which is why they’re hosting the TellPizzaHut survey at www.TellPizzaHut.co.uk to improve their restaurants. As a reward for giving them feedback, all survey takers enter into the chance to win £1,000 every day.

TellOdeon Details

End DateJanuary 31, 2025
Entry MethodOnline, Mail
Survey PrizeLimitless Membership or 2 x Silver Odeon Tickets

Odeon Survey Rules

There are a few rules you need to follow for the Tell Odeon Survey:

  • You must be over the age of 16 years
  • You must be a resident in the UK or Ireland
  • You cannot enter the survey if you or a family member is employed by Odeon

Instructions for TellOdeon.co.uk

To take Odeon’s survey, you’ll need three bits of information before you can begin:

  • The name or location of the cinema you visited
  • The date you watched a movie
  • The time the movie began

Note: You do not need to have watched a movie or purchased anything to take the survey.

Tellodeon Logo

Next up, take the steps to complete the survey:

    1. Head to the website hosting the TellOdeon survey, search TellOdeon.co.uk in your browser, or scroll a bit further down and click the link
    2. On the first page, enter the cinema location, the date you visited, and what time the movie started – remember, if you didn’t watch a movie, just put in something random
    3. After their survey system has verified you, you can begin the survey
    4. Answer all the questions the customer satisfaction team has for you as they only want to make your movie-watching experience better the next time you visit
    5. Near the end of the survey, you’ll need to enter some personal information in order to enter to win the Limitless Membership of Odeon Tickets:
      • Forename
      • Surname
      • Booking reference
      • Loyalty card number
      • Phone number
      • Email address
    6. All done! You’ve just taken the TellOdeon survey and will hopefully be on your way to seeing some free movies soon! Good luck 🙂

The team behind the survey will ask questions like these:

  • How would you rate your overall satisfaction of your experience?
  • How likely is it that you’ll recommend Odeon to family and friends?
  • Are you likely to return to watch another movie at Odeon based on this visit?
  • How satisfied were you with the overall value for money?
  • How did you purchase your movie ticket? Was it online or at the cinema?
  • What did you think about their website and/or app? Was it good looking and easy to use?
  • What did you think about the cleanliness of the cinema? What about the general atmosphere of the Odeon Cinema?
  • Is there anything else their staff could’ve done to improve your experience?

If you fancy some free cookies with your free tickets to Odeon and have recently visited a Subway, why not take the Subway survey and enjoy an afternoon full of freebies? Any recent customer of Subway can take the SubwayListens UK survey and get themselves two free cookies!

Here are a few screenshots of the survey from TellOdeon.co.uk:

If you don’t want to take the survey, you can enter by mail by sending your name, email address, and telephone number to ‘Tell ODEON UKI Prize Draw’, ODEON Cinemas Limited, St Albans House, 57-59 Haymarket, SW1Y 4QX, UK.

About Odeon Cinemas

Odeon, according to Wikipedia is ancient Greek and Roman buildings for musical shows, singing exercises, and poetry competitions. But today, Odeon in this modern era refers to only one brand related to one form of entertainment; cinema.

One Of The First Odeon Cinemas In The Uk
One Of The First Odeon Cinemas In The UK

Odeon Cinemas Group, or usually known as Odeon, was founded in 1931 by Oscar Deutsch. In July 2016, Odeon was bought by American company AMC Theatres which is owned by Wanda Group from China. Today, Odeon operates in multiples cities and suburbs in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and other European countries

Odeon’s Community Care

As one of the most established players in the entertainment scene, Odeon never failed to entertain and excite customers and the public at large. Not only they have created a fund for charity, but they also provided special screenings for the disabled and less fortunate, something many customers Tell Odeon they really like.

As such, it has raised more than £1 million for two children’s charities; the NSPCC and Variety. For the latter, Odeon has funded customized wheelchairs, Sunshine Coaches for the children in need, making it as one of the recipients of the prestigious Corporate Award. As for NSPCC, or National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Odeon has recruited and trained volunteers to assist schools in the UK.

Remember – if you’d like to see Odeon continue to support charities like the one above, take the TellOdeon survey and let them know how you feel.

Recently, Odeon is partnering with Mind, or formally known as National Association for Mental Health (NAMH), to spearhead fund-raising activities including charity screenings. It also sponsored Mind Media Awards, for the best portrayals of mental health problems ever captured in the film.

Odeon Staff Member Supporting Mind Charity
Odeon Staff Member Supporting Mind Charity

Aside from all these, Odeon goes one-step ahead in providing the best cinematic experience for all walks of life, including the hearing & visually impaired, mobility impaired, and autistic. For example, Odeon has softened the cinematic effects to suit the ones with sensory difficulties such as autistic, making it the first cinema chain in the UK to launch Autism Friendly Screenings since 2011.

Odeon’s Customer Feedback

Given all the feel-good factors that come with Odeon’s exhaustive list of charity works, customers are naturally attracted to Odeon. However, being so long in the industry, Odeon could not avoid negative publicity. For example, in August 2012 Odeon had a bit of bad publicity when a customer made a public complaint at Facebook on Odeon’s poor service which gathered 275,00 Likes and more than 23,000 comments. It went so viral featured on BBC Radio 4.


View this post on Instagram


The Endgame. Is it the #endgame ?The much anticipated @avengers broke box office records and took over $1.2billion in global ticket sales in 3 days. Every multiplex cinema was showing on multiple screens each hour of the day. With a running time of over 3hours, people need to keep hydrated and feed on snacks and buckets of popcorn as our heroes battle, joke, plan, laugh, cry. The cinema chains make incredible $€£¥ profits on the concessions. Each order of popcorn served in #plastic lined buckets, each drink in #singleuseplastic plastic-lined supersized cups with a #plasticlid #plasticstraw .All this heading to a #landfill for years. The blurry picture is just 1 overflowing bin outside 1 screen at 1 of the showings at a 10 screen local cinema. Multiple this hundreds of times for each cinema in every town, country, visualise the amount of waste generated! Probably 1billion single-use plastics in the waste stream, just from this weekend’s visit to the cinema. All this waste is #costingtheearth and these #throwaway #lifestyle is not helping us in dealing with the #climateemergency we are facing. Cinemas can take action and ban plastic straws, stop selling single-use #bottledwater ,offer #compostablestraws on request, change @Pepsi @cocacola branded plastic-lined cups to compostable cups. The current practice is not #sustainable and these products are #nonrecycleable .One chain, @drafthouse in US has committed to eliminate all plastic straws by 2020. @cinepolisusa is considering a ban. Instead of waiting for these cinemas to make a change to #saveouroceans from #plasticwaste . We can ALL be heroes – no super-powers needed, no special-suit, no mask, no weapons, no need to get angry, and we can still #savetheplanet .Go to the movies with a #reusable water bottle, #refill #refusethestraw ,take your own #plasticfree snacks #greenyourcinema #actlocalthinkglobal #yoursteptosustainability #noplanetb (@scarlett.johansson.fc @markruffalo @robertdowneyjr @chadwickboseman @doncheadle @chrishemsworth @brielarson @tomholland2013 please add your voices to influence people, governments and leaders to take the state of our planet seriously).

A post shared by ACT Local – Think GLOBAL (@actlocalthinkglobal) on

On top of that, some movie-goers have taken the TellOdeon survey to let Odeon know about the poor service they’d received. Citing expensive popcorn, messy chairs, and long wait times as a few of the areas Odeon could improve on.

Since then, Odeon has improved its service by providing more benefits and accessibility to customers, such as introducing a mobile application for advanced bookings, as well as a “Limitless scheme” whereby customers can enjoy countless regular movies at a monthly fee. There are also premium services for the customers who prefer luxurious cinematic experience.

The Future for Odeon

Odeon now has more than 360 cinemas in 14 countries with over 100 million spectators each year, representing a third of AMC’s overall business. In the future, according to Carol Welch, Odeon’s Managing Director, Odeon is moving away from the mass market and aggressively expanding its premium market, under the “Luxe” cinemas category.

Among the efforts done are replacing soft drinks with Costa Coffee, and old chairs with comfortable recliners.

Whatever the case may be, if you want to influence the future of Odeon, head online to TellOdeon.co.uk and take their survey.

Another large company in the UK hosting a feedback generation website is Wilko. Specifically, the WilkoHaveYourSay survey has been created to reward their loyal customers with the chance to win a £100 Wilko Gift Card. All you have to do is take their 4 minute survey and you’ll be entered. Good luck!

Who Else Likes Watching Movies At Odeon?

Send A Message To The TellOdeon Survey Team

Want to speak with someone about Odeon but don’t want to take the TellOdeon survey? Hit them up on social media:

If you don’t want to do that, you can use their cinema locator to find one near you or read their FAQs to see if your question has already been answered. Lastly, you can use their live chat or send them a message through their website.

Their head office is located at:

St Albans House, 57-59 Haymarket
London SW1Y 4QX

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